From the earliest days, we were enchanted by the power of an image. When we were young, our eyes would light up when we looked at the printed albums and old home movies that our parents had made for us. As we grew older, our fascination with capturing life's precious moments only deepened. We have always been very creative, we both used to draw and we owned cameras and started editing for fun even before we got to meet each other back in 2009. Evy was actually a biologist, while Jorge, a sergeant in the Army, obtained a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. We wouldn't have believed someone if they had told us that this is what we would be doing today. We truly feel very lucky!

Love at first sight. It only took one glance at each other fourteen years ago for us to start feeling the sparks that made us wonder what our future could look like if we were to spend it together. After thirteen years married, we have continued to be each other's safe place ever since then. We believe in living life intentionally... good memories are and can be created! On a free day you can catch us watching any movie that has a rating of 7.0 on IMDB or more while waiting for our doordash to arrive, if not planning our next trip. 


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Our favorite things

We love a lot of things besides the camera

I guess we can't leave out that we wanted to be travel vloggers! lol

We are a couple of free-spirited people who love to travel and experience the beauty of different cultures. One of our favorite things to do is choose a special song for each trip. As we travel, our favorite song becomes part of the tapestry of our memories, reminding us of the places we've been and the feelings we've felt. 

While in home, we enjoy watching movies together especially ones that make us think and change the way we see things. If you haven't watch one of Charlie Kaufman, you're welcome!! You could also find us reading a book, wondering what we will eat for today or trying to get fit at the gym. Our goal in life is to have many firsts together but also relax and enjoy every second of our short lives.

What inspires us

 Each story is Unique

When it comes to defining our style, we find ourselves at a loss for a single word that encapsulates what we love to create. Our artistic vision embraces the breathtaking, magazine-worthy shots that make hearts skip a beat. Yet, we equally cherish the intimate, in-between moments that brim with raw emotions that unfold naturally.

Your wedding day is destined to be one of your life's highlights. We understand the significance of this unique occasion and the importance of preserving every precious detail. Our style can be described as a blend of editorial artistry and authenticity, capturing the grand and the intimate, the jaw-dropping and the heartwarming. 

“Our hope is to create visual legacies, timeless portraits that evoke the same emotions and serve as a reminder on how your love look like.”

our Style

What your wedding could look like with us 

To truly capture the essence of your special day, we embrace a distinctive fusion of journalistic and editorial approaches. Our goal is to capture the narrative of your love story while preserving each priceless moment. Imagine the events of your wedding day playing out like a beautifully written chapter in a book, full of real feelings, genuine laughter, and stolen glances.

In order to capture real, unstaged moments, we work hard to blend into the background and be imperceptible storytellers. Our goal is to create a visual narrative that transports you back to the joy and the love that enveloped every corner of your celebration. 

We believe in the strength of unfiltered, genuine emotions because they show the sincerity of your bond. Every sly glance and tender touch. When it comes to editorial-inspired portraits, we take you on a journey of creativity and elegance. Guided by our artistic vision, we curate stunning scenes that blend timeless romance with a touch of fashion-inspired flair. 

The essence of your day!

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KIND WORDS From our Couples

Jorge and Evy are a DREAM to work with. We wanted a team of videographers that really enjoy what their work and are good storytellers. Jorge and Evy are the whole package!




Jan 20, 2022

Viviana & Malik


I’m so grateful they were a part of our big day, and I would choose them to capture our wedding in every lifetime.




December, 20, 2021

Reshma & Andriy


Every one of our guests raved about not only the professionalism but also the excellence of their work after the wedding.  Choose them and you will want to look at your photos/video every single day after your wedding.




April 2, 2022

Victoria & Kevin