About US


We are a team of husband and wife looking to capture stories that inspire us to love harder. To help our couples to remember that good times are always available to be created. To value the simple things in life.


We started in late 2019 capturing stories. As we started to share our own story through the social media, we started to receive inspired couples wanting us to capture theirs. That’s how this beautiful journey found us. 

Our purpose is to capture love stories in a unique and creative way. Create memories that last a lifetime so you can look back as memories are destined to fade. That’s how Pearl memories was born! As we love to travel and experience new things, we felt the need to frozen those moments in time, to be able to unlock the feelings of good times. 

Get To Know us


Jorge’s love language is quality time, that’s why he really cares about doing things that he truly enjoys in life while Evy’s is words of affirmation, the one that likes to be connected to her feelings and have deep conversations. He’s a talker and she’s a listener. 


Jorge’s a goofy & extrovert that would talk you about how big is the universe and why sunsets are orange while Evy’s more emotional, optimistic & a totally hopeless romantic.


Evy is super spontaneous and random, always looking to try new things while Jorge’s more responsible, likes to be prepared for everything and even dates have to go into the calendar lol.