We are a team of husband and wife dedicated to capturing love stories in a way that's both creative and genuine, editorial and candid, and in between timeless and trendy. Our goal is to turn fleeting moments into lasting memories that bring a smile to your face every time you revisit them. We understand the importance of preserving the emotions and connections that make your day special, and we're here to ensure that these captured memories remain vivid and cherished for years to come. We  truly thank you for being here! 

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"Working with Jorge and Evy was truly like working with your closest friends. Their care towards their beautiful work was evident from the very beginning."

June 3, 2023

Maria & jack


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" Our wedding video is incredible and has the best quality/editing - our friends and family were in awe when we shared our video. It was like we were reliving our wedding day all over again. If you get married and are in search for a photo/film maker, look no further. You will not regret it!"

July 20, 2022

Vanesa & Kyle


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"The level of expertise and professionalism is out of this world. They make you feel comfortable while taking photos, give you recommendations and the photos are unbelievable."

January 23, 2022

Stephanie & Gabriel


Forging cherished moments, Destined to withstand the test of Time

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Timeless Memories. We always look to seamlessly blend elegance and editorial sophistication with an emotionally charged approach, capturing moments that speak to both refined aesthetics and heartfelt connections.

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Cameras have been an integral part of our journey for as long as we can recall. However, it was around 2015 when we truly began to document our travels. The desire to freeze time and encapsulate the essence of each place we visited led us to discover the artistry of photography and cinematography.

We realized that our travels were not only about the destinations but also about the stories they held. The intricate architecture, the raw beauty of nature, the candid expressions of people - all these elements whispered tales that deserved to be shared.

Now, with the same passion to hold onto moments is that we get to tell so many love stories. With this in mind, we want you to know that we are wholeheartedly open to traveling to any corner of the world in order to document and tell your story in the most authentic and meaningful way.


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Lake Como /ITALY

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